Community Management

Our expert team of community managers can implement your desired social media plan.

WeCova cultivates healthy and strong relationships between brands and the communities that support them. Our prior experience has taught us that effective customer care service is necessary for a successful blockchain project. Hence, our emphasis is on providing professional, high-quality customer support across several social media platforms. This enables us to make community members fully invested in the project and eventually turn them into loyal band of ambassadors.


Our community management team consists of experienced and knowledgeable blockchain specialists who can absorb the technical details of your project and convey them in a simple way for the average user.  This will instill confidence in the investors and community members. Engagements are professional, courteous, friendly, and offer quick responses to queries from the community.


We offer the following as part of our community management services.


  • Live chat assistance and 24/7 moderating of any community interaction and social media platforms available.
  • Round-the-clock availability of moderators at all times of the day to engage community members.
  • Spam and Scam protection through the use of Bots