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A leading community management agency providing world class services to our partner blockchain brands.

What we do at WeCova

WeCova offers excellent and top of the line services to cater for your projects at every juncture of its existence. These services are tailored to suit your business requirements while providing the utmost exposure to your services.

Community Management

Our expert team of community managers can implement your desired social media plan.

Social Media Management

We make sure your social media profiles are active and completely represent your Project.


Get access to recognised outlets within and outside the blockchain ecosystem.

Listing Services

We ensure your project gets listed where it can make the most impact.


Get the best website, whitepaper and pitch deck translations for your targeted audience in various countries and regions

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Crypto Community Academy

A one-stop hub for crypto community management education. Learn how to manage communities the crypto way. Know the difference between a Community Manager and a moderator among thousands of other related topics.

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A vibrant community is the bedrock of any project; we are capable of building, growing and managing a sustainable community while creating adequate awareness for your blockchain product and services.